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Let's Get Physical

A celebration of all things sweaty!

Saturday May 13 10pm-4am
Secret Brooklyn Location
Brooklyn, NY
host Kinky Salon NYC

Early Bird tickets on sale April 1st!! 
More info coming soon.


 Costume suggestions:
80s aerobics, jazzercise, Olivia Newton John, Richard Simmons, bike shorts, leg warmers, Michael Phelps, Olympics and Olympians, athletes, Thunderdome, gladiators, doctors/nurses, health goth


Limited Early Bird Tickets: $35
General Admission: $50
Limited Door Tickets w/ RSVP: $60

Help Kinky Salon NYC grow with a Super Sexy Ticket! General Admission plus a donation for $69. 


Want to volunteer? Email KinkySalonNYC@gmail.com with "Volunteer" in the subject line to sign up for your shift and recieve a discount code for a $10 ticket. 

When you come to Kinky Salon you MUST bring a PAL (Pervy Activity Liaison) with you. Your PAL can be a friend, lover, the same gender, another gender, or even a couple. You are responsible for your PALs behavior and they are responsible for yours! If either of you break any of the rules you will both be held responsible. You must arrive together and we recommend leaving together.

This charter was created by the community and states our intentions and our standards. We created it so that it would be super easy for newbies to understand how to behave at our events. Follow these simple do's and don'ts and you'll fit right in:

- Be creative about how you dress
- Contribute when and where you can
- State your boundaries clearly
- Play safely and consensually
- Have sensible safe sex practices
- Respect our space and each other
- Clean up after yourself

- Assume
- Linger unaccompanied in the play spaces
- Cruise aggressively (even if they are really cute)
- Get too intoxicated
- Take photographs
- Use your cell phone
- Gossip about what goes on here
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